Therapy includes


Mindfulness is key element of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. We offer mindfulness as part of our skills group or as an intervention on its own. There is a huge evidence base for mindfulness as a treatment for both anxiety and depression, helping the client to remain in the present and reducing emotional vulnerability by finding Wise Mind.

Distress Tolerance

We teach practical skills to help tolerate emotional distress in the moment and avoid maladaptive coping strategies. We draw on physiology, reflexes and cognitive restructuring to balance tolerance and acceptance through periods of crisis.

Emotional Regulation

Through an improved understanding of the model of emotions we teach skills in reducing emotional vulnerability and dealing with unwarranted overwhelming emotion. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness

DBT acknowledges the difficulties some clients have in interpersonal relationships including chaotic or intense relationships or avoidance of relationships to avoid conflict. This module teaches practical skills that can help build confidence and ability in relationships.


Reviews from previous clients, evidencing the great outcomes that can be achieved.


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